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We listen, we care.

How Aprilcares works for You

Explore, Identify, and Build with AprilCares

Identify Challenges

Are you feeling burnt out? Looking to reduce anxiety and find your way around marriage pressure?
Explore your challenges and build an achievable self-care pathway. Plant the first seed for your growth.

Find the right tools to tackle your challenges

Aprilcares provides scientifically researched and developed Skills and Skillsets, which are customised to help you address your challenges.

Read, Do, and Grow with AprilCares
Chat, Evaluate, and Adapt with AprilCares

Read, do, and grow

With every activity completed, you gain effective tools and the skill to make progress at your own pace.

You are not alone

As you make progress with your journey, you can find support within our community of peers who are on a similar journey as you.

For more personal insights, write directly to one of a therapists in the form of an email exchange to help you in your journey.

Just Feel Safe with AprilCares
Just Feel Safe with AprilCares

Acquire multiple skills and tackle any challenge

Your progress will lead you to gaining multiple skills and tools, equipping you to tackle your challenges with ease.

Self-care designed with women,
for women with similar life experiences.

Gender-sensitive care

Short and actionable

Self-care activities go from 2 minutes to max 15.
You choose your own pace.

Always accessible

Always accessible

Work on your growth at your time, pace and convenience. On the go or at home.

Always accessible

Private & secure

We implemented security measures to keep your data safe. Further protect your data with a secondary email and a nickname.

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