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We listen, we care.

Build a healthier
Female workforce

Truly care for women employees’ wellbeing

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Align your mental health, women’s health and DEI efforts with one single solution, affordably

of women feel their organisation is not supportive when it comes to women’s unique needs.
Women are
44% more
likely to experience depressive and anxiety disorders compared to men.
Women use
20% less
workspace mental health resources than men, while being equally aware of them.

of employees surveyed say well-being benefits are top priority when looking for a job


of employees remained to work with lower levels of productivity

Benefits for Employers

Affordable, high adoption, engaging self-care that improves productivity and reduces presentee-ism.

Gender-sensitive care

Science-based &
Female Centric

One solution for many needs. Attract and retain female employees by truly caring about their challenges.

Always accessible

Unique care with
unique engagement

Behavioural science pathways and authentic, science-based care ensure employees adherence and result in their wellbeing improvement



Due to our self-care nature, we can offer highly personalised support which fits any employer's budget

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Our Offering

Affordable, high adoption, engaging self-care that improves productivity.

Gender-sensitive care


the challenges you are facing with the help of a smart quiz

Always accessible


the results and define your customised learning pathway with the help of a psychologist or coach



your psychological skills with immersive science based activities



content recommendations based on your unique needs



your learning with an anonymous, moderated and safe community



the consistency of your improvements with our behavioral science pathways and "state of mind" activities

Benefits for Employees

Safe, private, engaging, quality self-care

Gender-sensitive care

Privacy-first Solution

Employees can experience our learning paths completely anonymously without engaging with any humans.

Always accessible

Personalised Programs

Support for challenges faced by women. From constant judgement to relationship issues to marriage pressure.


Quality Self-care

High quality content uniquely designed for women. Vetting and additional moderated support through our therapists.

Our Programs have been built by an
experienced Psychologist & Professor.

Sowmya Puttaraju, PhD

CSO (Chief Science Officer)

PhD in Cognitive behavioural therapy and 15 years experience with clients.
Sowmya Puttaraju, PhD

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