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About Us

Our Team

Sowmya Puttaraju, PhD

CSO (Chief Science Officer)

A learner with an insatiable quest for psychology. Sowmya strongly believes in a preventative and self-help format of psychology. She continues to work in the field of teaching, therapy, and research.

As CSO, she implements research-based psychology interventions in our product. She intends to demystify and de-stigmatize psychological solutions and make mental health regimes as common as physical health and grooming regimens.

Saylee Thakur

Head of design

With expertise in crafting human-centred solutions with impactful visual design, she builds solutions that provide a functional and emotional value.

As a UX Designer at AprilCares, she aims to build an empathetic environment for users to explore & learn more about themselves.

Luca Sciascia

CEO (Chief Executive Officer)

As CEO, Luca's ambition is to develop gender-sensitive and culturally aware mental health solutions to address the care gap that several countries experience. A set of strong personal experiences linked to mental health during his time in India motivate him to work day in day out to achieve this mission.

A driven entrepreneur excited to build an impactful business. Luca, previous founder of Yezers and BCG "Future maker", gained his experience in digital health working at Data4life in Berlin.

Pradyumna Surampudi

CTO (Chief Technology Officer)

A creative developer who believes in reducing the tech barrier for solving core problems. With previous co-founder experience at World-class designers and as an experienced interaction designer / developer, he is constantly learning, innovating and growing.

As CTO, he aims to create an impactful and delightful solution and providing a modern and culturally relevant self-care app that helps women to take control over their mental health.

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About Us

Empowering her to take control over her mental health

Spreading the comfort of being together and understanding the importance of every individual.

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Our Philosophy

AprilCares mission

Our Mission

We work hard to provide accessible and personalised mental health self-care to women. By bundling our knowledge of mental health and gender-sensitive care in one self-care app, we aim at enabling women to reach into their own resources and emerge as their best selves.

Our Vision

We want to establish gender-sensitive, culturally aware mental health care as the paradigm of mental health care delivery.

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